General Knowledge

The Sea that is located in the central Asia is: 
(a) Baltic
(b) Aral 
(c) Red
(d) None of these 

How many Islands are there in Indonesia? 
(a) 1200
(b) 1300
(c) 1400
(d) 1250

The Soan and Haro, two rivers of: 
(a) Potohar Plateau

(b) Balochistan Plateau
(c) Sindh Plateau  
(d) None of these 

In Land, the Punjab’s Percentage is: 
(a) 25
(b) 25.28
(c) 26
(d) None of these 

Shundar Pass Connects: 
(a) Kashmir and Gilgit 
(b) Chitral and Gilgit 
(c) Punjab and GIlgit  
(d) None of these 

The areas between Ravi and Beas are called: 
(a) Bari Doab

(b) Chhoti Doab
(c) Nichli Doab   
(d) None of these 

Which part of Punjab is famous for Shisham and Timber Forests: 
(a) Mianwali
(b) Chhanga Manga
(c) Gujrat  
(d) None of these 

In the North West, Pakistan is surrounded by: 
(a) Himaliya Range

(b) Indian Ocean
(c) China   
(d) None of these 

Precious Emerld is found in: 
(a) FATA
(b) Swat
(c) Dir  
(d) None of these 

For showing people of Pakistan, we need to use: 
(a) Can Method
(b) Do Method 
(c) Will Method   
(d) None of these 

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