General Knowledge

How many times Pakistan has been non-permanent member of the Security Council?
(a) 6
(b) 7
(c) 8
(d) None of these

Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?
(a) Justice Ifthikhar Rasheed
(b) Justice Abdur Rashid
(c) Justice Zulfiqar Latif
(d) None of these

Which of the following countries has banned Hijjab in July, 2019?
(a) Tunisia 
(b) Donald
(c) Barack
(d) None of these

Where is the Mirani dam located?
(a) Sindh
(b) Balouchistan
(c) KPK
(d) None of these

What was the favorite game of the Muhammad Ali Jinnah?
(a) Cricket
(b) Billiard 
(c) Hockey
(d) None of these

What is the length of the Siachen Glacier?
(a) 72 km 
(b) 77 km
(c) 55 km
(d) None of these

Which leader was unanimously was selected by Muslim Ummah to address in the the UNO?
(a) ZA Bhutto
(b) Zia-ul-Haq  
(c) Imran Khan
(d) None of these

Who prepared Pirpur report?
(a) Syed Ahmed Mehdi
(b) Chaudhri Rehmat Ali
(c) Mahatma Ghandhi
(d) None of these

What was the full name of Gandhi?
(a) Mohan das Karam Chand Gandhi
(b) Marshal das Karam Chand Gandhi
(c) Mohsin das Karam Chand Gandhi
(d) None of these

In which constitution Islam was declared as the state religion?
(a) 1956
(b) 1962
(c) 1973
(d) None of these

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