General Knowledge

PRSS stands for: 
(a) Pakistan Reverse Sensing Satellite 
(b) Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite 
(c) Pakistan Reserve Sensing Satellite 
(d) None of these

The relation between Hazrat Ismael and Hazrat Ishaq was: 
(a) Cousins
(b) Brothers 
(c) Neighbors 
(d) None of these

What was the name of Tunisia President who died at the age of 92? 
(a) Zine El Abidi 
(b) Beji Caid Essebi
(c) Monace Marzoi
(d) None of these

In Riko Diq case, Pakistan faced the case in:
(a) Jan, 14, 2014
(b) Jan 12, 2012
(c) Jan, 16, 2016
(d) None of these

Boris Johnson got elected as PM of UK on_____________? 
(a) 14 July, 2019
(b) 23 July, 2019
(c) 15 July, 2019
(d) None of these

Boris Johnson belongs to which party? 
(a) Conservative Party 
(b) Co-Operative Party
(c) Republican Party 
(d) None of these

Mr. Ararat is the highest peak of _______________country? 
(a) China 
(b) Turkey
(c) USA
(d) None of these

Where is the largest coral leaf situated? 
(a) UK
(b) Australia
(c) USA
(d) None of these

Which is the most famous harbour across the world? 
(a) Mumbai
(b) Sydney
(c) Manora
(d) None of these

As per Quantum theory of light, the photons are_____________ 
(a) Waves
(b) Energy Packets 
(c) Electromagnetic 
(d) None of these

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