General Knowledge

Imaginary line extending the north and south through pacific ocean and is the point at which the traveler must add or subtract a day from the calendar is regarded as:?
(a)  International Green Line 
(b) International Equator line 
(c) International Date line 
(d) None of these

Manglessal peak is situated at:
(a)  Indus Valley 
(b) Shimshal Valley 
(c) Sawat Valley  
(d) None of these

Where is the Kirkuk city?
(a)  Egypt 
(b) Iraq 
(c) Saudi Arabia 
(d) South Africa 

Which of the following country is known as the land of the Pagoda?
(a)  Nepal
(b) Myanmar 
(c) Kenya  
(d) India

A piece of land that is surrounded by three sides water is known as:
(a)  Peninsula  
(b) Doab
(c) Island  
(d) None of these

After how many years the non permanent members of the Security Council are to be selected?
(a)  After 1 year
(b) After 2 year
(c) After 3 year
(d) After 4 year

Chose the correct meaning of the idiom “To bury the hatches”.
(a)  To go somewhere 
(b) To burn something important 
(c) To hit the nail  
(d) To bury the dead body 

Synonym of Audacity is___________
(a)  Hardness 
(b) Politeness 
(c) Smoothness 
(d) Easness 

Fill in the blank: A monkey is not capable __________flying in the air.
(a)  at
(b) of
(c) in 
(d) at

Which is the correct spelling?
(a)  Contemporary 
(b)  Contemparrary 
(c) Cantamporary 
(d) Cuntomprary

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