General Knowledge

What is Cartographer?
(a) Mapmaker  
(b) Goldsmith 
(c) Butcher   
(d) None of these

Opposite of Hostile is_______
(a) Friendly
(b) Cunning
(c) Lovely   
(d) Lively 

Antonym of Frugal is_______
(a)  Overweight  
(b) Spendthrift 
(c) Squander   
(d) Campaign 

Synonym of Dainty is:
(a)  Cute  
(b) Delicate  
(c) Horrific   
(d) Norm 

An electric Transformer is used for?
(a) Increase or Decrease Voltages
(b) Increase Voltages  
(c) Decrease Voltages   
(d) None of these

Recording of brain waves is related to
(a)  ECG 
(b) EEG 
(c) MRI  
(d) CT Scan

Which of the following is metal?
(a)  Iron
(b) Lime Stone  
(c) Granite   
(d) None of these

Which of the following game is used in balloon and airships?
(a)  Hydrogen
(b) Helium 
(c) Carbon Dioxide  
(d) None of these

The total numbers of points in the badminton game:
(a)  21
(b) 22 
(c) 23  
(d) 24

What is Archipelago?
(a)  Island  
(b) A group of inter-connected Island  
(c) A series of Land 
(d) None of these

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