General Knowledge

Who wrote struggle for new Sindh?
(a) GM Sayed

(b) Ibrahim Joyo 
(c) Sachal Sarmast    
(d) None of these

Momal Ji Mari- place famous for Momal Rano story is located in which district?
(a) Khairpur
(b) Hyderabad 
(c) Dadu  
(d) None of these

Rupamari-capital of Sindh during Soomra period is located in district?
(a) Sujjawal
(b) Hyderabad 
(c) Dadu  
(d) None of these

Aror-capital of Sindh during the days of Raja Dahir ruler is located in which district?
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Karachi
(c) Sukkur    
(d) None of these

Why you feel pain in your ear when aero plane goes down?
(a) Low Pressure 

(b) High Pressure 
(c) No Pressure
(d) None of these

Bagasse is used for the manufacturing of:
(a) Paper

(b) Bulb
(c) Iron   
(d) None of these

Kabul river falls into:
(a) Indus
(b) Ravi 
(c) Jhelum
(d) None of these

What is the total length of the Siachen glacier?
(a) 61 km
(b) 62 km
(c) 63 km
(d) 67 km

In accordance with the partition plan, the decision of accession of the which province was left to the Provisional Assembly?
(a) Sindh

(b) Punjab
(c) KPK   
(d) Bengal 

Indolent synonym is_____________
(a) Energetic 

(b) Ease 
(c) Fast   
(d) Quick 

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