General Knowledge

Pneumonia affects: 
(a) Eyes
(b) Heart
(c) Respiratory System   
(d) Kidney 

A person who is made to bear the misdeeds of another is called:
(a) Scapegoat

(b) Culprit 
(c) Artist    
(d) Fighter  

How much water is stored in the oceans out of 100pc?
(a) 84pc
(b) 72pc 
(c) 88pc
(d) 97pc

The author of “Governing the Ungovernable: Institutional Reforms for Democratic Governance” is?
(a) Ishrat Hussain

(b) Ibrahim Joyo 
(c) GM Sayed     
(d) Zubaida Jalal

What % was the turnout in the General Election of National Assembly in 2018?
(a) 52

(b) 55 
(c) 56    
(d) 66

Which of the following woman became 100 influential one according to the BBC 2018?
(a) Dr. Ruth Pfau
(b) Asma Jahangir  
(c) Malala Yousufzai
(d) Krishna Kumari

Saba said that she has told every one except you and I.
(a) except you and me

(b) except I and we
(c) expect you and I    
(d) None of these

Who wrote stuggle for new Sindh?
(a) GM Sayed

(b) Ibrahim Joyo 
(c) Sachal Sarmast    
(d) None of these

Abbreviation of USB is
(a) Unic Serial Box
(b)  Universal Symbol Box
(c) Universal Serial Bot   
(d) Universal Serial Bus

The landlock mountains region of Nagoruno Karabakh is the subject of an unresolved dispute between:
(a) Armenia and Azerbaijan

(b) Australia and Turkey 
(c) North Korea and South Korea     
(d) None of these

Synonym of Capricious is:
(a) Unstable

(b) Stable 
(c) Fluctuate    
(d) Glorious 

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