General Knowledge

Passive- I shall help you in making your assignment. 
(a) Making your assignment, you will be helped 
(b) You would be helped in making your assignment 
(c) You shall be helped in making your assignment    
(d) In making your assignment, you shall be helped out.  

Mian Yar Muhammad Kalhoro’s shrine is at: 
(a) Sukkur 
(b) Hyderabad
(c) Khudabad   
(d) Dadu 

The constitution of 1973 was promulgated on: 
(a) 23rd March, 1973
(b) 14th April , 1973
(c) 14th August, 1973
(d) 11 April, 1973  

Land of thousand lakes is: 
(a) Egypt 
(b) Pakistan 
(c) Finland    
(d) Kenya  

To talk through one’s hat means: 
(a) To talk nonsense 

(b) To talk good
(c) To talk well   
(d) To talk irrelevant 

Commercial airplane flies at__________:
(a) Stratosphere 
(b) Ionosphere 
(c) Mantle     
(d) None of these 

The areas around the North and South Poles within the polar circles are: 
(a) The torrid zones 
(b) The firiged zones  
(c) Both of above     
(d) None of above 

Isosceles Triangle is one with: 
(a) Rectangular Sides 
(b) Two Opposite Sides 
(c) Three Equal Sides   
(d) Two Equal Sides

Pneumonia affects: 
(a) Eyes
(b) Heart
(c) Respiratory System   
(d) Kidney 

Munda dam is proposed and being constructed on:  
(a) Ravi River
(b) Jhelum River
(c) Indus River
(d) Sawat River

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