General Knowledge

(a) compliant : argumentative
(b) candid : beget
(c) join : conjoin    
(d) baleful : tolerate

(a) mulish : tractable
(b) trepidation : confident
(c) impecunious : penny
(d) gloomy : morose

(a) auspicious : favourable

(b) cacophony : euphony
(c) eclectic : gifted    
(d) fallow : badly felt

The number of Acres in one Hectare: 
(a) 3.47 acre
(b) 2.471 acre
(c) 1.71 acre
(d) 1.9 acre

Senate election of Pakistan takes places after every _______years. 
(a) 4
(b) 5 
(c) 6    
(d) 7  

From among the underlined words below, find the correct if any:
Of All the Disasters that occurred during the movie’s production, the death of the two stars who
           A                                                                                        B
performed their stunts were surely the worst. 
                                                    C                           D
(a) A
(b) B 
(c) C    
(d) D 

HDI is the well being of the country, was brain child of: 
(a) Armartya Sen
(b) Mahbub ul Haq 
(c) Adom Smith     
(d) None of these   

Which of the following era is the era of the origin of the continental shelf? 
(a) Paleolithic 
(b) Stone age 
(c) Mesozoic     
(d) None of these  

Opposite word of foe is. 
(a) Friend

(b) Enemy 
(c) Foul   
(d) Fail  

The largest ocean is:
A. Atlantic
B. Pacific
C. Indian
D. None of these

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