His house is always in apple pie order. 
A. Neat & tidy
B. Disordered
C. Mismanaged
D. Ornamental

I am getting late________Office. 
A. From
B. For
C. To
D. In

Antonym of Lenient is: 
A. easy-going
B. long-suffering
C. Strict
D. Liberal

Abandon means: 
A. Leave
B. Abstract
C. Abduct
D. None of these

Revage means 
A. Annoy
B. Ruin
C. Popular
D. Predator

Antonym of Fallacy is: 
A. Abandon
B. Blunder
C. Truth
D. Error

Give cold shoulder means: 
A. To support
B. Cold meat
C. To ignore
D. Shiver

Gainsay means:
A. Suppress
B. Oppose
C. Yielding
D. animation

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