‘Dickson’ is a seaport of:
(a)  Italy
(b)  Malaysia
(c)  South Africa
(d)  Norway

Superior lake is:
(a)  The World’s deepest freshwater lake
(b)  The World’s largest freshwater lake
(c)  The world’s largest saltwater lake
(d)  None of the above

Italy and Sicily is separated by…………strait:
(a)  Messina
(b)  Sunda
(c)  Johore
(d)  None of above

Which of the followings is the longest river? 
(a)  Sutlaj

(b)  Jhelum
(c)  Chenab
(d)  Ravi

Which of the followings is the smallest sea? 
(a)  Sea of Marmara

(b)  Arabian Sea
(c)  Caspian Sea
(d)  None of above

Where is Victoria fall is situated?  
(a)  Zimbabwe 

(b)  Canada
(c)  South America
(d)  None of above T

The water fall located between Canada and USA is:
(a)  Gibraltar Falls
(b)  Angel Falls
(c)  Victoria Falls
(d)  Niagara Falls

In which of the following region, New Zealand is situated? 
(a)  South America
(b)  Europe
(c)  North America
(d)  Oceania 

The country that produces largest Silver is
(a)  USA
(b)  China
(c)  India
(d)  Mexico

Nanga Parbat is the peak of:
(a)  Himalaya 

(b)  Karakoram
(c)  Hindukash
(d)  K2

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