General Knowledge

General Knowledge is the soul and oxygen most of the exams across the world. Whether be it incorporated in basic General Knowledge level or Country GK, it is utmost significance for a candidate to prepare it well so that it could be benefited for both MCQs and Token Viva Voce Exams. An extensive and comprehensive Encyclopedia of General Knowledge based MCQs are covered here. Therefore, prepare well and make massive success to be proud of. Best Wishes. 

In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is
(a)  27.5% 
(b)  20.3%
(c)  14.5% 
(d)  8.1%

The boundary line between Finland and Russia is: 
(a) LOC
(b) Hindburg
(c) Hindenburg
(d) None of these

The highest waterfall of the world is
(a)  Victoria 
(b)  Tugela
(c)  Angel  
(d)  Niagara.

“Death Valley” in California, U.S.A is so called because of
(a)  It is highly polluted area on earth
(b)  It is extremely cold region on earth
(c)  One of the hottest places in the world
(d)  The existence of a large number of volcanaes

Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the
(a)  Strait of Gibraltar

(b)  Bering strait
(c)  Davis strait  
(d)  Dover strait

Caribbean Sea is linked with the Pacific Ocean by the
(a)  Suez Canal  
(b)  Panama Canal
(c)  Sunda Strait  
(d)  None of the above one

‘Sea of Japan’ is famous for : 
(a)  Oil Reserves  
(b)  Mineral Water
(c)  Fishing Area  
(d)  Icebergs in water

‘Red sea’ is between
(a)  Arabia and Africa

(b)  Turkey and Russia
(c)   China and Japan
(d)  Germany and Scandinavia

 Bering Strait separates Asia from:
(a)  USA
(b)  Africa
(c)   Australia 
(d)  None of the above one

The longest mountain range in the world is:
(a)  Karakoram  
(b)  Alps
(c)  Andes 

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